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Many homeowners who try sanding and staining hardwood floors themselves wind up regretting their decision. A DIY approach does not save as much money as people expect, and inexperience can create more problems.

Common Mistakes DIYers Make

Sanding a floor is a difficult skill that takes professionals years to master. If you apply uneven amounts of pressure, that can create permanent dips in the floor. If you use too much pressure and sand too deeply, that can shorten the floor’s lifespan. If you don’t use the right grits of sandpaper, you will not get a smooth finish.

If the floor is not sanded correctly, the stain will penetrate unevenly and look blotchy. The polyurethane may not adhere correctly, which can lead to peeling. If you don’t know how to use an edging machine properly, the stain around the room’s perimeter may appear blotchy.

If you don’t use high-quality stain, or if you apply coats that are too thick, it may take a long time to dry. If you don’t let the floor dry completely, the stain can coagulate, and the floor may need to be re-sanded.

Sanding a wood floor can generate a lot of dust. If you don’t remove it all before applying each layer of polyurethane, dust can get trapped and may be impossible to remove. Dust can also create a health hazard, especially if you have allergies or asthma. Professionals have strong vacuums to collect dust particles.

Why a DIY Approach Might Not Save You Much Money

Sanding a hardwood floor requires several machines. If you rented equipment from a home improvement store, it would not be of the same quality as the machines professionals use. Inferior equipment and lack of experience could lead to problems that you might have to hire professionals to fix.

It would take you much longer to sand your floor than it would take professionals. Since machines are rented by the day, the cost could add up quickly. You would also have to purchase sandpaper, stain, rags, and safety equipment.

Your Best Bet Is to Hire Professionals

Sanding and staining hardwood floors requires the right equipment, training, and experience. There is a lot of room for error, and mistakes can lead to more problems.

Professionals can do the job right the first time. Contact Barbati Hardwood Flooring at (484)354-8869 to get a quote for hardwood floor refinishing.

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