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what is the process of refinishing hardwood floors If the hardwood floors in your home have gradually become covered with scratches and dings, they don’t necessarily have to be replaced. In many cases, refinishing can restore hardwood flooring to excellent condition.

Homeowners often wonder, What is the process of refinishing hardwood floors? These are the steps that contractors follow to revitalize wood flooring.

Empty out the Room

Before contractors can start restoring your hardwood floors, the room will have to be cleared out. All your furniture and other belongings will have to be moved to another room, or possibly to the garage or outside, so that contractors will have space to work and so that your possessions won’t get damaged.

Replace Damaged Planks

Refinishing hardwood floors can be an effective way to deal with many problems, but some sections of your flooring might be so severely damaged that they can’t be repaired. Contractors can replace those boards with new ones that look very similar. Once the refinishing process is complete, it should be virtually impossible to tell that different planks were installed at different times.

Sand the Floor

Workers will sand your hardwood flooring to remove the damaged upper layer. That will eliminate scratches, dents, and other imperfections and expose a fresh layer of unblemished wood.

Sanding is done in stages. Contractors will start by using coarse sandpaper to remove damaged wood, then use less coarse sandpaper to gradually smooth out the surface.

Apply a New Finish

Once workers have dealt with damage, they’ll apply a fresh coat of finish. Several types of finishes are commonly used. You can select one that suits your family’s needs and a color that complements your home’s décor.

It’s critical to give your new hardwood floor finish enough time to dry before walking on it. You’ll have to keep everyone, including children and pets, off the floor. After the finish has had enough time to set, furniture and other objects can be returned to the room.

Get an Estimate for Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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