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Even though hardwood flooring is strong and durable, it can be damaged by high-heeled shoes, pets’ claws, toys, and furniture. Normal daily activities can cause scratches and, in some cases, deep gouges. You may be able to fix some of those problems yourself, but in cases of serious damage, you will need professional hardwood floor gouge repair.

How to Fix Minor Damage

If scratches only affect the floor’s finish, screening (also known as buffing) can remove the finish. Screening scuffs up the floor to help a fresh layer of finish adhere to it. You may be able to handle the project yourself, or you may choose to hire a professional.

Gouges that affect both the finish and the floorboards themselves will need to be filled in. You can use wood putty in a shade that matches the color of the floor, sand it so the putty is flush with the surface of the floor, and apply a new finish. Wood putty can prevent future weakening of the floor and can hold well when the boards expand and contract as the weather changes.

How to Handle Major Floor Damage

For hardwood floors with deep gouges in several places, your best option may be to refinish the floor. If the boards are thick enough, they can be sanded down. That will remove the top layer of damaged wood and reveal a smooth layer of wood underneath. Then the floor can be refinished to help protect it from future damage.

Know When to Hire a Professional

Although you may be able to handle some flooring repairs yourself, there may be a lot more work involved than you might expect. If you don’t know how to use a buffer or a sander and how to refinish a hardwood floor, your best bet is to leave it to the professionals at Barbati Hardwood Flooring.

We can restore your damaged hardwood floor to its original beautiful appearance by screening or sanding and refinishing it. Even if the floor has deep gouges from years of foot traffic, furniture scraping, and other sources of wear and tear, we can breathe new life into it. We have helped customers across Pennsylvania, including owners of historical homes, restore the appearance of their hardwood floors. Contact us today at (484)354-8869 to get an estimate for hardwood floor gouge repair.

Please note that we are open and providing our regular services. Our team is following CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of our customers. We look forward to serving you.
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